Catalyst Blockchain Manager - Canton Service


Canton is a Daml ledger interoperability protocol. Parties which are hosted on different participant nodes can transact using smart-contracts written in Daml and the Canton protocol. The Canton protocol allows to connect different Daml ledgers into a single virtual global ledger. Daml, as the smart contract language, defines who is entitled to see and who is authorized to change any given contract. The Canton synchronization protocol enforces these visibility and authorization rules, and ensures that the data is shared reliably with very high levels of privacy, even in the presence of malicious actors. The Canton network can be extended without friction with new parties, ledgers, and applications building on other applications. Extensions require neither a central managing entity nor consensus within the global network.

Canton faithfully implements the authorization and privacy requirements set out by Daml for its transactions.

Catalyst Canton Service

If Canton Network solutions can be challenging to configure and deploy, maintaining them in production can bring its own complications.

That’s why you should use Catalyst Blockchain Manager: the ultimate tool for streamlining and automating Canton Network solution management.

Catalyst is an end-to-end blockchain solution operating system enabling enterprises to focus solely on delivering value with DLT. It provides a cutting-edge abstraction layer and unrivaled automation to maximize the efficiency of project teams.


Enterprise-grade security

Leverage secrets and encryption management systems like HashiCorp Vault and Kubernetes Secrets, to manage and protect sensitive data such as certificates, API encryption keys, and passwords.

High availability & Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery strategies from backup & restore to multi-site high availability deployments.

Cloud-agnostic deployment

No vendor lock-in. Cloud-native design. Support for any cloud service provider, hybrid, or on-premise deployment.

Intuitive user interface & API

Clear and consistent, with streamlined access to functionalities via our user interface & API.

Management & Operations Console

Manage networks, organizations, consortium proposals, nodes, applications, and more.


Logging & monitoring of applications and infrastructure. Real-time alerts. Integration with existing monitoring tools.

Domain-specific solutions & integrations

Avoid building everything from scratch with ready to go domain-specific solutions and templates for Daml.

Expert support

Highly qualified, well-equipped troubleshooting from a reactive and responsive support team.