Support and Warranty

IntellectEU will always support the latest version of Catalyst Blockchain Manager, and will support older MAJOR versions (those that are not the latest generally available) for up to 12 months, and older MINOR versions for up to 6 months. LTS versions of Catalyst Blockchain Manager will be supported for at least 2 years.

IntellectEU will provide limited support for older versions of Catalyst Blockchain Manager, offering advice on issue identification, and guidelines on migrating to the new version. Any migration assistance is available through our Professional Services team. Additionally, extended lifetime support services are available. The SLAs and fees associated hereto are to be decided upon between IntellectEU and the client.

Any maintenance releases (PATCH releases) made generally available should be installed by the client as soon as reasonably possible. Any version of the product that falls under support from IntellectEU will benefit from maintenance releases. Each maintenance release will be accompanied by a severity level and an advisory on when to install. In case a client who is not under a support program and has not yet installed the latest maintenance release(s) experiences any warranty cases, these warranty cases will be considered support cases. Please refer to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for specific timelines on issue resolution times.

Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support Packages

Community Support

All customers are entitled to Community Support where they can share knowledge and engage with the Catalyst Blockchain Manager community and support team. Using community support, you can create support tickets at our Service Desk. However, no SLAs are provided and our assistance will be dependent on our availability.

Integration Package

For Catalyst Blockchain Manager Enterprise software deployment on your infrastructure, we provide an Integration Package. We help to install Catalyst Blockchain Manager on your infrastructure, while supporting your team and taking into consideration your specific set-up.

Hourly billing applies to the Integration Package. To receive a quote, please contact us.

Standard Support

Customers with Standard Support access are entitled to our standard 12/5 support offering, delivered via our Service Desk. This highly reactive and responsive service allows us to take immediate ownership of any reported issues, providing you with full visibility of progress and status throughout the lifecycle of the incident. Our highly trained and experienced technical support engineers offer response times as rapid as just one elapsed hour, in cases when the issue has the highest severity level (Severity 1).

The table below details the standard support package components and pricing.



Included support 24/7

12 hours / day

5 days / week

System monitoring

For Catalyst Blockchain Manager SaaS

Monthly total support hours*

20 hours

Package pricing (monthly)

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Additional hourly billing SLA

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*Monthly total support hours include time spent on diagnosis and case resolution. Our team is available to provide support on top of 20 hours of total monthly support and additional support effort is billed hourly.

How to engage Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support

The Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support services are designed to offer a seamless incident handling experience, so that customers always know the status of their open incidents. The support process is based on a well-defined, transparent case flow methodology. From initiation through to resolution, this methodology ensures that Catalyst Blockchain Manager takes ownership of incidents and efficiently advances them across the different levels of the support structure.

Support Communication Channel




Service Desk

The most efficient method for creating incidents and finding updates.

Incident Management

To maintain effective communications with our customers, the handling of incidents flows through an agreed chain of actions.

When issues are identified, the responsible person from the client end will carry out an impact analysis and create the incident providing the following information:

  • Product name

  • Summary mentioning the impact and urgency

  • Description

  • Organization name

  • Components or products

  • Supporting information (log files, configuration files, etc.)

Each incident has a unique ID number. Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support will allocate an Incident Category and Severity.

Incident Category

The first step in the support process is to determine the nature of the support requirement. There is a list of incident categories available to customers via the Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support Portal.

Incident Severity, Milestones, and Service Targets

The responsiveness of Catalyst Blockchain Manager Support is driven by the severity of an incident. Incidents are assigned a severity level by support, but this may be changed after incident analysis. The severity levels are defined below:


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Licensed Software is not operational and all production data is inaccessible. The data flow is completely stopped in a production enviornment resulting in a critical impact to the customer’s business. No workaround is available. The Customer requires continuos availability of SOlution Provider contact until the error is solved.

Licensed software is operational, but has serverely restricted functionality or degradation that is impacting the customer’s operations. No workaround is available.

Licensed software is operational with limited functionalities or other kind of restriction that are critical to the customer’s overall operations.

Low or no impact errors with Licensed software usage, implementation, performance or any other inquiries.

Response SLA (business hours)





Diagnosis SLA (business hours)





Resolution SLA

4 business days after platform user contacts IntellectEU

7 business days after platform user contacts IntellectEU

15 business days after platform user contacts IntellectEU

40 business days after platform user contacts IntellectEU

*All timescales are measured from the original time and date of the incident report.

Detailed steps to open and monitor an incident

  • 1. Sign in to Catalyst Blockchain Manager and on the left center, you will see the support button.

  • 2. Click on the Support button or directly follow the link and sign in to the Service Desk (Jira).*

    • Select Catalyst Blockchain Manager under Product Name.

    • Insert the high level issue you’re facing mentioning the impact and urgency in the Summary field.

    • Describe in detail the issue you are currently facing under the Description field.

    • Insert your organization name under the next field.

    • If you know the components or products related to the issue, select them.

    • If you have any additional documents/screenshots regarding the issue, attach them under the attachment field.

    • Click on the send button.

  • 3 A ticket will be generated including all information inserted by you, with the task status.

  • 4 You can see all the requests made by your organization members with their statuses on the top right corner of your ticket, under the requests button.

  • 5 You can see all the requests made by your organization members with their statuses on the top right corner of your ticket, under the requests button.

    • Turn on the notifications to stay updated.

    • Escalate the issue, if Licensed Software is not operational and all production data is inaccessible, or data flow is completely stopped in a production environment, resulting in a critical impact to your business for which there is no available workaround.

    • Resolve and cancel the issue, if it is no longer valid.

The Catalyst Blockchain Manager support team will review your issue, its severity, and will get back to you after diagnosis. The communication will be run under the Jira ticket.

To register at the Service Desk please send a message to with a list of emails you want to add.