Release Process
Catalyst Blockchain Platform has two distinct streams of release management: the core platform and the Hyperledger Fabric service. As it is possible to understand, the evolution of some of the components that compose Catalyst Blockchain Platform depends on external parties’ release management (e.g., HL Fabric). IntellectEU’s standard process entails (1) analysis of the features and updates to be developed, (2) development, (3) QA, (4) staging, and (5) production before pushing the update to (6) general availability of Catalyst Blockchain Platform. At its core, IntellectEU aims to always offer a stable version of Catalyst Blockchain Platform to clients, and this is taken into consideration with the product’s release management.

The core platform

The core platform of Catalyst Blockchain Platform will benefit from periodic updates not directly related to the protocols it supports. The updates planned to be included into each next release for this stream will be communicated to the client in advance.

The Hyperledger Fabric service

Catalyst Blockchain platform is compliant with Long Term Support (LTS) provided by the Hyperledger Fabric community. On average Hyperledger Fabric community provides minor releases on a quarterly basis, and has no predefined timing for major releases. If you want to know more about HL Fabric LTS releases, please visit Fabric’s release strategy page.
The changes planned for this stream will be communicated in advance to any client, by clearly listing the features/patches that would be incorporated in the Hyperledger Fabric component of Catalyst Blockchain Platform, so continuity is guaranteed to client networks and applications.
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