Support and Warranty Guarantees
IntellectEU will always support the latest version of Catalyst Blockchain Platform, and will support older MAJOR versions (those that are not the latest generally available) for up to 12 months, and older MINOR versions for up to 6 months. LTS versions of Catalyst Blockchain Platform will be supported for at least 2 years.
IntellectEU will provide limited support for older versions of Catalyst Blockchain Platform, offering advice on issue identification, and guidelines on migrating to the new version. Any migration assistance is available through our Professional Services team. Additionally, extended lifetime support services are available. The SLAs and fees associated hereto are to be decided upon between IntellectEU and the client.
Any maintenance releases (PATCH releases) made generally available should be installed by the client as soon as reasonably possible. Any version of the product that falls under support from IntellectEU will benefit from maintenance releases. Each maintenance release will be accompanied by a severity level and an advisory on when to install. In case a client who is not under a support program and has not yet installed the latest maintenance release(s) experiences any warranty cases, these warranty cases will be considered support cases. Please refer to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for specific timelines on issue resolution times.
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