Catalyst Blockchain Manager
Hyperledger Fabric Service 2.2.0

Join a Network

After successfully bootstrapping the network, other organizations can join it. Joining the network means joining your ordering nodes to the ordering system channel and fetching its genesis block.
Joining a network flow
  • The network was successfully bootstrapped by Organization 1.
  • The Catalyst Blockchain Platform Hyperledger Fabric service is already deployed.
  • You’ve logged on as an administrator.
First, you need to create your organization as described in the “Create an Organization” section.
After that, you need to do the following:
1. Export MSP definition and ordering node JSON profile.
2. Share your organization MSP and orderer JSON profiles to Organization 1.
Note: You can create as many ordering nodes as you want but share only one of the ordering nodes profile with Organization 1 during this step.
3. Communicate outside the platform via email or other trusted channels.
4. Wait until Organization 1 adds you as a partner and shares its MSP definition with you. Add a link to one of its ordering nodes.
5. Add Organization 1 as a partner.
6. Add your ordering node(s) to the system channel by fetching the genesis block.
Note: You can add all of your ordering nodes at once or just one-by-one. Note that only consenters, which are a part of a system channel, can be added to the application channels.
7. Wait a few minutes until the ordering node(s) sync with the network.
Your organization is a part of the blockchain network now and you can add as many ordering nodes as you want.
Meanwhile, Organization 1 (any network member) should perform the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Add your organization's MSP definition to the partners list. See details here.
  2. 2.
    Add your organization as an orderer organization. See details here.
  3. 3.
    Copy an external link from one of the ordering nodes connected to the system channel and share it with your organization.
  4. 4.
    Communicate outside the platform via email or other trusted channels.
  5. 5.
    Your organization can also be added to the members of a consortium if needed.
Tip: A consortium defines a set of organizations that can create application channels and join them during creation.
Upon completion of the steps by both organizations, your consenters and peers can be added to application channels (or create application channels if your organization was added to a consortium).