Catalyst Blockchain Manager
Hyperledger Fabric Service 2.3.0

Release notes

What’s new


  • Intermediate CAs. Now you can create either root or intermediate CAs.

Ordering service

  • Redesign. The ordering service was redesigned.
  • The ordering set. We’ve divided an ordering service into ordering sets and a system channel.
  • System channel. You can now create, view, and edit a system channel as a separate entity.
  • System channel configurations. You can now view and edit system channel configuration.
  • Ordering set configurations. You can now edit your ordering set configuration.
  • Statuses. You can now see the system channel's RAFT status and consenters' statuses.
  • Download the last block. You can now download the last block of a system channel and add a new orderer to the system channel by uploading a genesis block.
  • External orderers. Now there is no need for each network member to host ordering nodes. You can create an external orderer instead by adding a link to any existing ordering node.


  • Policy. Edit a channel policy when needed, not only while creating a channel.
  • Rights. You can now edit a channel's members' rights.
  • Proposals. Even a non-admin organization can initiate a channel's config update now. This update will be created as a proposal and can be voted by admin organizations.
  • Orderer endpoints. You can now view and manage orderer endpoints.
  • Statuses. You can now see channels' RAFT statuses and consenters' statuses.
  • Download the last block. You can now download the last block of a channel.


  • AWS deployment guide. Added the detailed manual for AWS deployment.


  • Fixed a bug with mounting CouchDB volume that led to conflicts of a state.
  • Fixed files permissions in UI Docker image for OpenShift.
  • Reworked ingressConfig section config in the Helm chart. Now it uses the default Ingress resource instead of CRD and supports Traefik and Openshift providers. Removed https-redirect middleware.
  • Enabled gossip state transfer by default for all peers to avoid them lagging behind each other.