Catalyst Blockchain Manager
Hyperledger Fabric Service 2.4.0

Release notes

What's new


  • Hashicorp Vault Identities can be stored in Hashicorp Vault now instead of Kubernetes secrets.


  • Any channel admin is able to cancel a proposal created by another channel member now.
  • A chaincode query/invoke sandbox was fully redesigned. Now you can subscribe to the events of a particular chaincode.
  • [IS-65] Chaincode definition with all the details is now visible after being approved or committed.
  • [IS-68] “securityContext” for pods can be specified in helm values now.
  • [IS-85] Added the ability to ignore image pull secrets for private repositories when configured at the infrastructure level.
  • [IS-77] Human readable errors were added when enrolling or deleting an identity fails.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Fixed bugs:

  • [IS-73] Wrong validation of an image with custom docker repositories.
  • [IS-60] Endorsement mismatch after voting.
  • [IS-75] Security vulnerabilities issue.
  • [IS-78] CouchDB indexes were not applied.
  • [IS 76] Resource requests for CouchDB as defined in CatBP UI were not applied to peer manifest.
  • [IS 67] For query smart contract requests should be possible to provide an endorsement strategy.
  • [IS 93] Uppercase letters weren't allowed for chaincode index name or collection name.
  • [IS 94] Fabric ca admin password illegal characters.
  • And others.