Custom applications can be deployed through the application tab. This can be any backend or frontend process, including daml apps.

How do I create an Application?

To create an application, go to the Applications tab and click on the “Create” button to open a side window.

Create Application button
Figure 1. Create Application button

1- Provide an Application name (required).

2- Fill in the main settings

Applications can have the UI or Backend type. When deploying a UI application, choose between providing an image for the application or select one of the previously uploaded UI files (They can be uploaded through the Collections tab).

When selecting a UI file to deploy, the image field will be ignored. The UI application will be served by a nginx server.
  • Choose Application Type

  • Choose application image (or file if UI app and not using an image)

  • Choose Port

  • Choose Subdomain

    • Select subdomain from existing participants

    • Choose custom subdomain

  • Resources allocation:

    • Requested CPU. Guaranteed CPU resources that will be allocated.

    • CPU limit. Maximum CPU resources that will be allocated.

    • Requested memory (MB). Guaranteed amount of RAM that will be allocated.

    • Memory limit (MB). The maximum amount of RAM that can be allocated.

  • You can add custom environment variables if needed.