Catalyst Stellar - Version 1.0 Release notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Catalyst Stellar Manager Version 1.0.

This inaugural release introduces a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the deployment, management, and monitoring of Stellar nodes and Horizon Server in Public or Test Networks.

With this powerful toolset, managing your Stellar network has never been easier. Catalyst Stellar Manager offers an intuitive interface and robust functionality to simplify complex operations, ensuring your Stellar environment remains reliable and secure.


Stellar/Horizon Server Node Creation

  • Effortless Setup - Quickly establish a new Stellar/Horizon node in any environment with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the setup process, minimizing time and potential errors.

  • Network Selection - Choose between Stellar TestNet or PubNet to suit your development or production needs.

  • Docker Integration - Option to provide a custom Stellar/Horizon Server Core Docker image or use the default one defined in the console.

Node Management

  • Comprehensive Control - Easily add, delete, and edit nodes as needed. Customize your network without downtime or disruption.

  • Node Configuration:

    • Node Types - Select from Watcher, Validator, or Full Validator node types to fit your network’s role.

    • Validator Management - Define a list of Validators and Home Domains for Stellar Consensus, tailoring the network to your specific requirements.

  • Resource Customization - Optimize your network’s performance and scalability by tailoring resources to meet your specific needs, including options for running nodes with in-memory, external databases, or a dedicated PostgreSQL instance.

Network and Node Information and Status

  • Proactive Management - Access critical information and status updates for networks and nodes, enabling proactive management and rapid troubleshooting. Maintain optimal network health and performance by staying informed.

Stellar Info

  • Public Exposure - Automatically expose the list of your organization’s validators.

Catalyst Stellar Manager provides the tools you need to efficiently build, manage, and optimize your Stellar/Horizon nodes. We are committed to supporting your journey in blockchain innovation and look forward to the groundbreaking projects you will create.