Catalyst Hyperledger Fabric - Version 2.5.0 Release Notes

What’s new


  • UI logs Now logs of each pod/container are visible on the UI. Find the Logs tab at the detailed page of a node or a chaincode.

  • Chaincode events. Chaincode’s events are visible on the UI now.

  • You can edit the chaincode details you have added before. Change an image, allocated resources, or replicas amount whenever you want.

Improvements and fixes

  • The chaincode flow has been fully reworked*:

    • Add indexes when adding a chaincode to a platform. There is no more need to add chaincode indexes each time you install it on a peer.

    • You can now see chaincode’s details on the chaincode’s tab. Go to the chaincode detailed page if you want to see the chaincode’s logs or events.

    • You can set the amount of chaincode’s replicas to be deployed.

    • You can set the requested memory and CPU for each chaincode.

  • You can check a CouchDB status along with a peer status.

  • [IS-74] You can use AWS IAM for a database now.

  • Now you can specify Kubernetes secret instead of plain login and password in the helm chart values.

  • Bugs fixed.

*The previously deployed Chaincodes will be migrated to the new flow automatically.