Join an external network

Joining a R3 Corda network requires the proper configuration of your node, including the use of a truststore.jks file and the network and doorman URL. In this guide, we will walk through the steps to join an external corda network using these components.

First, let’s start by understanding the purpose of the truststore.jks file. A truststore is a repository of trusted certificates that your node will use to verify the identity of other nodes in the network. It ensures secure communication and prevents unauthorized access. Before joining a corda network, you need to obtain the truststore.jks file from the network operator or administrator. Once you have the truststore.jks file, follow these steps:

Locate the truststore.jks file: The truststore.jks file is typically provided as a Java KeyStore (JKS) file. Ensure you have the file available on your local machine.

Next, let’s proceed to the network and doorman URL configuration. The network URL specifies the address of the network map service, which provides information about the network’s participants and their identities. The doorman URL is used for initial registration and obtaining the necessary network parameters. Follow these steps to configure these URLs:

Obtain the network and doorman URLs: Contact the network operator or administrator to obtain the network and doorman URLs. These details are specific to the corda network you wish to join.

Simply provide these three parameters when creating a new node either through the UI or though the API.

By following these steps, you should now be able to join an external corda network using the truststore.jks file and configuring the network and doorman URLs. Once your node successfully connects to the network, it will be able to transact with other participants and utilize the corda platform’s features and services.

It’s important to note that the exact steps and configuration details may vary depending on the specific Corda network you are joining. Always refer to the official documentation or consult with the network operator or administrator for any network-specific instructions or requirements.

In summary, joining a R3 Corda network involves configuring your node with the truststore.jks file, specifying the network and doorman URLs. These steps enable secure communication and allow your node to connect to the network, access network parameters, and interact with other participants in the Corda network.