Release notes

What’s new


  • Peers, channels, chaincodes, CAs, MSPs and Partners MSPs now have a new look.

  • Error handling is improved.

Application audit logs

  • Track who and when created a node or approved a chaincode.


  • It is possible to update a genesis block configuration on an application channel now.

  • You can remove an organization from an application channel as well as from a system channel.

Peer sets

  • Editing a peer set feature is available now.

  • CouchDB resources usage is customizable now.


  • You do not need to parse logs or make guesses to find out what is happening with your peer node. See detailed events about a peer node right in the UI.

  • You can track the status of the chaincode installed to the peer.


  • A CA wallet now contains a single identity.

Ordering service

  • Resolved the problem with ordering nodes resizing in Hyperledger Fabric (see issue).


  • The "fabric-console" Helm chart does not include external dependencies anymore.

  • RabbitMQ message broker and MySQL/PostgreSQL RDBMS had been packaged as subcharts previously. Now their installation configuration and management are out of the scope of the Helm chart.


  • The installation guide is updated due to Catalyst Blockchain Platform components changes.